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Welcome to the Centre for Digital Scholarship's Lab

This server hosts proofs of concept that the Centre for Digital Scholarship (have) created in collaboration with researchers.

We also provide resources to help you work with (digital) data. These resources will not cover every aspect of working with data, although we hope they can get you started.

Working with (digital) data

Learn about working with (digital) data.

Current projects

These are some example projects the CDS has worked on.

Abnormal Hieratic Global Portal

Community resource for studying Abnormal Hieratic manuscripts, developed in cooperation with the Faculty of Humanities. The project page has more information on the technical components.


Online edition of Leiden University Libraries' edition of the Lydgate manuscript, edited by students.

Digital Manuscripts in the Classroom

Leiden University Libraries have a great collection of manuscripts, but it is infeasible to use many of them for education, because they are rare and often fragile. This platform is being developed to allow online exploration of the manuscripts by theme.

More details are available on the project page.

Medieval Palaeography

Mouse and Manuscript

FromThePage transcription platform

The CDS hosts an instance of the FromThePage platform. FromThePage is an open-source server application that allows researchers and institutions to let people help transcribe (and translate) works on a page-by-page basis.

FromThePage is used in various projects. The source code for FromThePage is openly available at GitHub: benwbrum/fromthepage.

Iran Turan

The CDS set up Omeka Classic to support the Turks, texts and territory project.

Soldaat in Indonesiƫ

Online research environment for working with ego documents written by soldiers in Indonesia.

IIIF portal

The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) portal for Leiden University aims to help users access the UBL digital collections via the various IIIF APIs and services based on the IIIF. This guide has been moved to /iiif-docs.

Jan Wolkers puzzles

The CDS used existing IIIF software to make a few of Jan Wolkers's works available as puzzles. Read more about this on the short project page.

Mirador demonstrations

Demonstrations of IIIF functionality using Mirador are hosted at IIIF demonstrations.

UBL maps in Geoplaza

Leiden University Libraries collaborated with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam to show 51 maps from our collections in the Geoplaza portal, but they are no longer online.

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