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Working with (digital) data

Digital scholarship nearly always involves working with digital data. Because working with is rather abstract, we often view data as artifacts that you can create, process, analyse, preserve, share and re-use. These activities can be viewed as a cycle, since re-using data can lead to creating new data. This cycle is sourced from the UK Data Service. There are various other cycles that are used to guide data management, discussed by Alex Ball in Review of Data Management Lifecycle Models (2012).

Creating data

Collaborate on data with a VRE

Virtual Research Environments allow you to work together on a (data) project. See VREs for more information.

"Collaborative data maintenance"

The Collaborative Data Patterns website contains great explanations of things to think of when you work together on a dataset.

Processing data

Analysing data

Preserving data

Giving access to data

The CDS promotes making your data [FAIR], especially when sharing it. Publishing your data has more on making your data available in FAIR ways.

Using Persistent URLs

See Persistent URLs for information about persistent URLs for your data.

Re-using data

Enriching resources is an excellent example of re-using data.

To get data, you may get datasets from data archives, from APIs or perhaps even by scraping them from webpages.

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