Welcome to The Abnormal Hieratic Global Portal, which was designed to help you to learn to read Abnormal Hieratic at home! This pilot project presents five already published Abnormal Hieratic sources from Paris online, viz. P. Louvre E 7851 recto and verso, 7852 verso and 7856 verso and recto, in a way you have never seen before. In our view, this could be the ultimate tool needed to teach Abnormal Hieratic in the most intuitive way possible. If the concept works, we will extend it to become the major hub for Abnormal Hieratic studies worldwide.

What is Abnormal Hieratic?

All you need to know at present is that the term Abnormal Hieratic is––on this website––reserved for the administrative script used in the south of Egypt during Dyn. 25-26, although the beginnings of this script are already clearly visible during Dyn. 22-24. Abnormal Hieratic material has been found from Illahun in the north to Qasr Ibrîm in the far south. See Getting started for more information on Abnormal Hieratic.

About the Portal

View papyri and their contents: The photographic material on our website is interactive. This allows you to hover over it and see at a glance how you should transcribe any given word or name into hieroglyphs (you can ‘deactivate’ the photo if you want to read it without any help). Using a separate interface, you can search the enriched papyri for their contents.

Read and view usable resources: The website will also provide all the necessary translations, palaeographies and instructional videos. Only the most recent or complete edition is listed on this website. Other metadata are found through their unique Trismegistos number. As the amount of material on our website will grow, so will our ever extendable and interactive Wörterbuch and Namenbuch, to support students and colleagues worldwide.

See the Colophon for more information on the people and organisations responsible, and Content and code licenses for copyrights.