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Leiden University & IIIF

The International Image Interoperability Framework allows standardised representation and exchange of digital images and visual objects. Leiden University Libraries are helping researchers use and enrich their collections by making the collections available according to the IIIF APIs and by cooperatively building tools and infrastructure for the exchange and enrichment of collections. Example applications of collection reuse and enrichment are presented in the Centre for Digital Scholarship's Lab.

Leiden University is a founding member of the IIIF Consortium and is an active member of the wider IIIF community.

Leiden University Libraries' IIIF platform services

This is the homepage of the UBL IIIF platform. This platform provides images through the IIIF Image API version 2.1, digital object descriptions using the IIIF Presentation API version 2.1 and a collection of most objects.

The Image API base URL is /iiif/2. Presentation API Manifests are available at /manifests – although there is no (complete) index of manifests at this moment.

Access to Digital Collections

This website explains how the UBL uses IIIF to provide access to their collections. You can also browse, search and access the Libraries' Digital Collections website.

How can I get help?

For a general introduction to IIIF, please read the book section Wereldwijde toegang tot afbeeldingen via IIIF (in Dutch, PDF).

The Centre for Digital Scholarship is your point of reference for any inquiries about using digital techniques such as IIIF for research or education.