P. Louvre E 7851 verso

See more information about P. Louvre E 7851 verso in Trismegistos’ Demotic and Hieratic Texts [TM 48864].

Recommended edition

K. Donker van Heel, ‘Papyrus Louvre E 7851 recto and verso: two more land leases from the reign of Taharka’, RdÉ  50 (1999), 135-147.


Transcription of P. Louvre 7851 verso in PDF


  1. Ḥꜣ.t-sp 26 ı͗bd-IV pr.t (sw) 14 ḏd wꜣḥ-mw Ḥtp-I͗mn sꜣ Dı͗-I͗mn-pꜣ-ꜥnḫ
  2. n s.ḥm.t Tꜣy-kꜣ-…: šp(=ı͗) n=t tꜣy dnı͗.t ꜣḥ n tꜣ ḥt⸢p Wsı͗r⸣
  3. nty Pꜣ-ẖnn n rn I͗r.t-Ḥr-r=w sꜣ Ḫꜣꜥ=w-sw-n-I͗s.t ı͗ skꜣ=f
  4. ı͗ pꜣ nty ı͗r=f (n) wḏꜣ.t r=w ı͗ p(ꜣ)y=f 1/4 ı͗w ı͗.<ı͗r> pꜣ 1/10 n pꜣ sẖ … pr.t n. ı͗m=f
  5. ı͗ pꜣ nty ı͗w(=ı͗) ı͗r=f n nꜣ ı͗t (?) r=f ı͗w mn dı͗.t(=ı͗) md nb r ḏd.ṱ=s ı͗r<m>(=t).
  6. Pꜣ mtr-sẖ Ḫꜣꜥ=w-sw-n-I͗s.t <sꜣ> Ns-I͗mn-I͗p.
  7. M-sẖ Ḏd-Mnṱ-ı͗w=f-ꜥnḫ sꜣ I͗r.t-Ḥr-r=w ı͗w=f-mtr ⸢ı͗⸣ sẖ nb nty <ı͗r> ḥry ḥꜣ.t-sp 26 ı͗bd-IV
  8. pr.t (sw) 14.


  1. Regnal year 26, month IV of peret, (day) 14. Has said the choachyte Hetepamun son of Diamunpankh
  2. to the woman Tayka-… : “I have received from you this share of a field in the endowment of Osiris,
  3. which is (in) Pakhenen in the name of Irethoreru son of Khauesenese, to plow it
  4. for what it will make as remainder for them, for its 1/4, whereas the 1/10 (is) for the … scribe, seedcorn included,
  5. for what I will make out of the grain (?) for it, whereas I have no issue to discuss with you at all.”
  6. The witness-scribe Khausenese son of Nesamunip.
  7. In the handwriting of Djedmontiufankh son of Irethoreru, who testifies to all writing which was made above (in) regnal year 26, month IV
  8. of peret, (day) 14.


Line 4: r=w unread in ed. princ., but see Donker van Heel in Lippert, Schentuleit, and Stadler (eds), Festschrift Vittmann, 108.

Line 5: Reading of the word after ı͗t cf. comment on recto line 9.

Line 5: This seems to be the way this scribe writes ı͗rm cf. P. Louvre E 7851 recto line 10.

Questions about this manuscript


Many names in Abnormal Hieratic are theophoric, meaning that they contain the name of a divinity. Try and identify I͗mn (line 1 (twice) and 6); I͗s.t (lines 3 and 6); Wsı͗r (line 2); Mnṱ (line 7) and Ḥr (lines 3 and 7).

AnswerCheck the hieroglyphic transcription to see if your hunch was right.

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